absolutely exquisite photographs of james baldwin in turkey taken from yes magazine’s spread. inspiring, indeed. what spirited and brilliant soul wants to be my travel buddy and muse? let’s live.

heytoyourmamanem asks: 

Take your time. James Baldwin wouldn't have rushed good work.            


he was all about the work. 

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dude why did you stop, keep going!            

haven’t stopped,
just busy. plus it is my mission to only post text, images and the like that can be sourced and cited. that mission can
be a bit time consuming at times, but i’ll be back to posting regularly soon. 

25th Anniversary Year of James Baldwin’s Transition from the Human Realm


Today (December 1, 2012) is the 25th Anniversary Year of the physical transition of James Baldwin who (if you don’t know) was a radical Black Gay Human Rights Activist & Literary Giant. 

“Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced.”

James Baldwin (August 4, 1924 - December 1, 1987)



I don’t know what most white people in this country feel but I can only include what they feel from the state of their institutions. James Baldwin on The Dick Cavett Show [X]

—giving the system a fiercely bloody read..

Which I have never seen!!!

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In my experience—and this is a very awkward way to put it, since I don’t really know what the word experience means—the strangest people in one’s life are the people one has known and loved, still know and will always love. Here, both I and the vocabulary are in trouble, for strangest does not imply stranger. A stranger is a stranger is a stranger, simply, and you watch the stranger to anticipate his next move. But the people who elicit from you a depth of attention and wonder which we helplessly call love are perpetually making moves which cannot possibly be anticipated. Eventually, you realise that it never occurred to you to anticipate their next move, not only because you couldn’t but because you didn’t have to: it was not a question of moving on to the next move, but simply, of being present. Danger, true, you try to anticipate and you prepare yourself, without knowing it, to stand in the way of death. For the strangest people in the world are those people recognised, beneath one’s senses, by one’s soul—the people utterly indispensable for one’s journey. 

James Baldwin
“Just Above My Head”
pp. 376 - 377


“Bearing Witness from Another Place: James Baldwin in Turkey” 
Photograph by Sedat Pakay

Guy Le QuerrecJames Baldwin in his residence, France 1970

James Baldwin in Istanbul by Sedat Pakay